CÚRAM, an SFI Research Centre designing the next generation of ‘smart’ medical devices

Our vision is to develop affordable, innovative and transformative device-based solutions to treat global chronic diseases.

Our research in innovative ‘smart’ medical devices and implants will benefit patients with chronic ailments such as cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, neural, soft tissue, renal and urology, and respiratory diseases.

Industry is central to drive the translation of research into the next generation of medical devices and implants.

CÚRAM supports industry from basic scientific research, through translational preclinical and clinical development, into regulatory and commercialisation readiness.

Over 200 researchers are paving the way in matching scientific discovery with the demands for innovative medical devices.

CÚRAM is a multidisciplinary centre bringing together research strength and capacity in biomaterials and drug delivery, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, glycoscience and device design.

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