Committee Members

‌Dr Mark Watson (Chair)

CÚRAM investigator and Head of Programmes, Clinical Research Development Ireland

Dr Anne-Marie Miller

CÚRAM researcher and Project Manager, Clinical Research Development Ireland

Prof. Matthew Griffin

CÚRAM investigator and Prof. Transplant Biology, NUIG

Dr Karolina  ‌Pakos - Zebrucka

Project Manager, MedTrain, CÚRAM

Dr. Ronan Mac Loughlin

Section Head – Science, Aerogen and Chair, Industry Representative Group, CÚRAM

Prof. Iain MacLaren

Centre for Excellence in Learning & Teaching; Prof. Higher Education, NUIG

Prof. John Newell

CÚRAM investigator and Prof. of Biostatistics, NUIG

Prof. David Brayden

Co-Director CÚRAM and Prof. Advanced Drug Delivery, UCD

Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference

  1. To contribute to strategic development, action agreed initiatives, and provide strategic oversight of CÚRAM’s medical device focused education and training programmes.
  2. To assist in coordinative the implementation of CÚRAM’s education and training programmes in the participating institutions and with partners (including, regulatory bodies and other organisations).
  3. To follow up on the implementation of CÚRAM’s education and training programmes, assist in their review, and recommend how future programmes may be improved.
  4. To assist in showcasing CÚRAM’s education and training programmes during site reviews, annual retreats and other events.