CÚRAM’s MedTech Minds Industry Breakfast Series is a quarterly gathering aimed at business leaders from the Medical Device community. The series provides a venue to share, discover, and discuss research happening in the Medical device industry. Each breakfast features a speaker or panel discussion talking about a topical issue relevant to MedTech industries.
The series kicked off on Friday 14th October 2016 with guest speaker Dr Arthur Rosenthal speaking to a roomful of MedTech entrepreneurs on the topic of  “A Real World Perspective of Medical Device Development”. The series will continue to feature keynote speakers from innovation centres, leading industries and organisations. Industry topics to include Innovation in: Neuromodulation, Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, Drug Delivery Technology, Glycoscience and Diagnostics, Device Design, Policy Issues, Reimbursement, Regulation, Clinical Trials and Financing. Attendance includes complimentary breakfast. More information on upcoming events is available in our events page.

Upcoming Events

The schedule for 2018 talks will be published in January 2018