On Friday July 14th CÚRAM’s MedTech Minds series welcomed David Cassak, Managing Partner, Innovation in Medtech, LLC and Editor-in-Chief of The MedTech Strategist. David’s talk was titled “From Innovation to Solutions: Challenges and Opportunities in a Changing Medtech Marketplace”. The event was hosted at the Portershed, in Eyre Square Galway. Faced by health system cost pressures on one side and burgeoning clinical and technological opportunities on the other, David spoke about the multiple strategic imperatives faced by medical device companies today and how some of the smartest companies are adjusting to current changes. A recording of the event is available at here

David Cassak has more than 30 years of experience in the health care industry. Prior to co-founding Innovation in Medtech, LLC, he served as Vice President, Content, and Managing Director, Medical Devices for Elsevier Business Intelligence, a Reed Elsevier Company, including the publications The Gray Sheet and The Pink Sheet. He also wrote extensively on the medical device industry for Windhover Information's monthly publications, In Vivo, Start-up, and MedTech Insight. He is a frequent speaker before various companies and trade groups within the medical device industry.

Above: David Cassak with Prof Abhay Pandit, Scientific Director, CÚRAM
Below: David with John O Dea, Strategic Advisor, CÚRAM