On September 26th and 27th CÚRAM hosted Swiss entrepreneur Dr Marcos Garcia Pedraza. During his visit to CÚRAM, Dr Garcia delivered a workshop titled “From Science to Business: How to Create a Medtech Company” and presented at the Medical Technology Ireland Conference. Dr Garcia, who is managing partner of the Swiss company builder orgart.ventures, is on the board of the foodtech startup Urbanfarmers and the internet platform cooperative Patria Digitalis. He works as a company builder and a start-up coach and expert with Innosuisse (Swiss Innovation Agency, innosuisse.ch), the ETH Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lab (ethz.ch/ielab), the venture business plan competition (venture.ch) and other start-up initiatives. Dr Garcia is an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in healthcare. He was awarded the E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year (START) in 2002. In 2006, Dr Garcia
was awarded the SWITCH Innovation Award (etoy), and in 2007 he received the Telefonica VIDA Award (etoy).
The interactive workshop focused on creating an awareness of the start-up process. He highlighted the importance of having a product to sell and illustrated the critical steps in the process before a technology becomes a product. He stressed the importance for budding entrepreneurs to become familiar with business tools and methods. He spoke about building a strong team, and leveraging expertise by being very selective with board members. Dr Garcia finished by evaluating a number of Swiss start-ups he is involved with, showcasing the unique ingredients that made them successful.