Location: Seminar Room, Biomedical Sciences Building, Newcastle Road, NUI Galway

Aug 15 2017

Isma received her BMed Sc (Hons) from the National University of Malaysia in 2006.  She then worked at the Ministry of Health, Malaysia. In 2013, she decided to continue her doctoral studies at NUI Galway. Her work is a result of a collaboration between Professor Abhay Pandit, Professor Peter Dockery and Professor David Finn. Isma’s research has focused on biomaterial-based therapy using hyaluronic acid hydrogel to alleviate inflammatory pain as well as to promote disc repair. During her doctoral research, Isma has developed an in vitro inflammation model and a pre-clinical model of pain associated with disc degeneration. She has one patent application under review and authored two journal articles (Biomaterials and Biomacromolecule) and a book chapter. There are also two authored manuscripts under submission. Her work has been appreciated at many national and world conferences

The title of Isma's talk is "Modulation of Inflammatory Pain in Intervertebral Disc Regeneration – A Therapeutic Biomaterials Approach."
Hosted by: Prof. Abhay Pandit

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