Feb 14 2017 Posted: 00:00 GMT
Dr Manus Biggs lab at CÚRAM has recently acquired a new Photonic Professional GT printer ‘Nanoscribe’ that provides submicrometer features with easy and fast fabrication along the 3D printing workflow. This next generation 3D laser lithography system combines two writing modes in one device: an ultra-precise piezo mode for arbitrary 3D trajectories and the high-speed galvo mode for fastest structuring in a layer-by-layer fashion. The system offers a high degree of automation for direct manufacturing and allows for the fabrication of high-resolution photo masks and other direct write applications.
“This technology allows the development of devices and structures with sub-cellular dimensions and has the potential for impact in a number of projects that are ongoing at CÚRAM” says Dr Biggs, who has established a research programme in nanofabrication of electrically active biomaterials within CÚRAM. His research integrates material science, electronic engineering, top-down nanofabrication techniques and biological functionalization strategies in developing next generation biomaterials platforms.
Currently Dr Biggs is applying nanofabrication techniques to novel classes of electrically conducting polymers to enhance integration of implanted neuroelectrodes or promote functionality of the brain-computer interface. Nanoscribe is the highest resolution commercially available micro 3D printer and provides CÚRAM’s researchers with the technology to manufacturenano-structures with a wide variety of uses, from diagnostics, to bio sensors and 3D scaffolds.


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