Oct 10 2017 Posted: 00:00 IST

CÚRAM PhD graduates Estelle Collin and Yvonne Lang have both been awarded the Julia Polak European Doctorate Award, at the 28th European Conference on Biomaterials (ESB) Athens, Greece. They are the third and fourth CÚRAM graduates to receive this acknowledgement.

The award is given by the ESB council and presented annually at the event. Candidates nominated for the award needed to demonstrate that they have received high standard research education and training at a European level in the fields of Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering, and that they are also able to produce scientific results deserving recognition by being published and accepted in high quality journals and conferences.

Dr Lang's PhD research focused on using diatoms as biotemplates to generate structures with elaborate hierarchical architecture. Diatoms are ubiquitous in freshwater and seawater environments and to date over 100,000 different species have been identified, each with its own unique architecture. The potential applications of these ornate algae range from roles in photonics to separation science to catalysis to drug delivery. Dr. Lang is currently a Principal Investigator and Lecturer in the Nanotechnology and Bioengineering Division at IT Sligo.

 Dr. Collin’s doctoral research focused on the glycobiology of the intervertebral disc and potential tissue engineering approaches for nucleus pulposus regeneration. During her studies, she developed an injectable hydrogel mimicking the native tissue for cell delivery. Dr. Collin is currently working as a Preclinical Scientist at Gecko Biomedical in Paris, France.

To this end, candidate will have had to spend at least one month of research work in a country outside the country of their home institution, have produced at least two peer reviewed international publications as first author and have participated at least twice, at an international scientific meeting as presenting author, during their PhD.  The Conference was held in Athens 4 - 8 September 2017. Since its establishment in 1976, the conference has been a major event for the biomaterials science community. ESB 2017 brought together all major disciplines of biomaterials science, and enabling participants to network with colleagues, establish new collaborations, exchange knowledge, and discuss recent advances in emerging biomaterials-related topics.



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