Mar 27 2020 Posted: 09:57 GMT

Science Foundation Ireland invited CÚRAM, the SFI Research Centre for Medical Devices, to present at the 2020 SFI St. Patrick's Day Science Medal Award ceremony in Washington DC. The event celebrated Irish science and US-Ireland collaboration.

CÚRAM is a global player with 474 academic and 276 industrial international collaborations. CÚRAM recognises the importance collaboration plays in producing excellent and impactful science. The formation of national and international partnerships is key to CÚRAM reaching its full potential. CÚRAM and its Irish partners are currently collaborating with four centres in the U.S. To highlight the impact of the partnership. At this prestigious event, Prof Abhay Pandit, CÚRAM Centre Director, highlighted CÚRAM’s leading role in the global medical device sector. “We have sought to partner with high profile international institutes and centres whose expertise is synergistically aligned to our own”.

Prof. Pandit presented the value of the Ireland-U.S. partnership to leaders in SFI and National Science Fund (NSF) with an example of one of CÚRAM’s more advanced projects which involves the development of Bioresorbable Magnesium Alloy Systems for Use in Orthopaedic Implants. This tripartite collaborative partnership was formed amongst CÚRAM, the Nanotechnology and Integrated Bioengineering Centre (NIBEC) at Ulster University in Northern Ireland (NI) and NSF-ERC for Revolutionizing Metallic Biomaterials (RMB) in the USA.

The partnership is supported by industrial partners OrthoKinetic Technologies LLC, OrthoKinetic Testing Technologies LLC (Ortho Kinetics, Inc.), of Shallotte, NC, USA and Ft. Wayne Metals (FWM) Ft. Wayne, IN, USA.

This partnership creates a unique convergence of world-leading expertise from academia and industry in the fields of materials processing, surface characterization, and computational modelling with the shared goal of developing bioresorbable magnesium (Mg) alloy systems for orthopaedic implant devices.

The project not only aims to achieve its scientific advances but also aims to prepare inclusive engineers for worldwide collaborative research, as well as developing a vibrant, diverse workforce, well prepared for multidisciplinary global challenges and opportunities.


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