Science on Screen Programme

CÚRAM and Galway Film Centre together run a partnership project called ‘Science on Screen’  which aims to facilitate, promote and increase the inclusion of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) content in Irish film and TV production. In 2018 the partnership  continues with CÚRAM funding one documentary and providing access to leading scientists and laboratories within CÚRAM, to explore methods of scientific ‘story telling’ and to produce a short film that incorporate aspects of current research being carried out by CÚRAM and its academic partners. These documentaries are available for community and educational screenings nationwide. 


 The Science on Screen project will 100% fund one 26 minute film in 2018 with a budget of €35,000.

 Deadline for Submission is 2pm, Tuesday April 17th

 Email a Dropbox folder link to with the following info:

 A detailed treatment of max. 2,000 words to include a narrative and visual outline of the film.

  • A detailed production budget and budget summary. (Include costing for music and other media clearances). The budget should be completed on the form which can be downloaded from the following link: Science_On_Screen_Budget-2018
  • CVs of Creative Team
  • Excerpts of Director’s work and any other artistic references, which support the submission (such as online links and / or attachments to the email).
  • Written confirmation in the form of clearances and permissions of key subject’s willingness to participate, where applicable
  • Any other relevant supporting materials that inform the creative approach to the proposal
  • A small additional fund may be made available for those who wish to include animation in the film

 For further information on:

 The application process, email:

  • The science, email:

 Please note:

 Successful shortlisted applicants must be available for interview on Thursday May 3rd (TBC).

  • A trailer of the final film is due on Thursday 27th September in time for International Heart Day.
  • The final film will be delivered on Friday October 5th 2018.

 2017 Project:

The Science on Screen project  funded one 26 minute science film with a budget of  €35,000.00  in 2017. This TV half hour programme/short film is based around an area of research currently underway in CÚRAM. 

'Bittersweet' is a half-hour documentary directed by Hugh Rodgers and produced by both Anna Rodgers and Zlata Filipovic of Invisible Thread Films. The film captures the health system’s fight to treat the rising number of diabetic patients, and warns against this troubling epidemic facing our population. It follows the personal stories of young people who are living with diabetes and their daily struggle to manage it. Over the course of the documentary, we also discover ground-breaking research and development in pharmacology and biomedical science, capturing the important work of CÚRAM’s Professor David Brayden and his team at UCD’s Veterinary Hospital, where they are developing new ways of delivering insulin to the body. 'Bittersweet' premiered during Science Week on November 25th, at An Taibhdhearc Theatre in Galway, as part of the Galway Science and Technology Festival 2017. 

2016 Project:

The two documentaries produced through CÚRAM’s Science on Screen initiative in 2016 in collaboration with Galway Film Centre continue to be in demand with both films selected for screening at National and International Film Festivals this year and broadcast by both TG4 and RTÉ.  'Feats of Modest Valour' recently scooped the Scientist Prize, awarded by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) at the Imagine Science Film Festival in New York and received the Professional Documentary Award at Raw Science Film Festival in California.

Trailers for “Feats of Modest Valour” and “Mending Legends” which incorporate the research and researchers involved in two major EU research projects being coordinated by CÚRAM can be viewed at the following links:

Feats of Modest Valour

Feats of Modest Valour

Investigates three individuals’ challenging physical reality of living with Parkinson’s Disease.

View Clip

Mending Legends

Mending Legends

Explores the physical and psychological impact of tendon injuries amongst sports players.