Martin O'Halloran

Martin O'Halloran


Dr Martin O'Halloran is a Senior Lecturer in Medical Electronics at the National University of Ireland in Galway. Reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of his research, he is the first academic in the history of NUI Galway to hold a joint academic position between the Colleges of Engineering and Medicine.

He is founder and director of the Translational Medical Device Lab in Galway, the first medical device lab in Ireland to be embedded in a regional hospital and co-located with a clinical trials facility.There, he leads a team of 21 engineers/physicists/clinicians, all working on novel medical device projects. Through this lab, he has secured over €6.79 million in research funding over the last 5 years, including a European Research Council (ERC) grant for medical device development. He is also a non-executive director of BioInnovate, a sister programme of Stanford's BioDesign Programme, and co-leads the Health Innovation Hub Ireland activities at NUIG.

He holds over 30 national and international research and commercialisation awards, including Engineers Ireland Chartered Engineer of the Year (2014), Science Foundation Ireland's Early Career Researcher of the Year (2016), and the award for Best Academic Contribution to Medtech (2016) from the Irish Medtech Association for his work with BioInnovate. He is co-inventor on a number of medical device patents, and is involved as a technical and commercial mentor to a number of successful medtech start-ups in Ireland.

Dr O'Halloran's research ranges from basic scientific research to the clinical evaluation and commercialisation of novel medical devices. From a basic science perspective, Dr O'Halloran examines new and improved methods for the measurement of the dielectric properties of biological tissue, with a particular emphasis on reducing measurement confounders. The dielectric repository at NUI Galway is an important and unique platform for the development of novel electromagnetic imaging and therapeutic devices. This research is supported by the European Research Council.

Dr O'Halloran has published more than 80 papers in peer-reviewed journals and international conference papers. In recent years, Dr O'Halloran has been an invited chair and keynote speaker at several major electromagnetics, translational medicine and entrepreneurial conferences/seminars.

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