Sally Ann Cryan

Sally Ann Cryan


Sally Ann Cryan is Associate Professor of Pharmaceutics and Research Lead in the School of Pharmacy, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. Her research group focuses on translational drug delivery and bioengineering including the application and processing of biomaterials for drug delivery and tissue engineering applications.

Prof. Cryan has developed innovative particle engineering strategies for bioresponsive and cell-type specific targeting that enable the clinical and commercial translation of novel gene and protein-based therapeutic strategies and repurposing of systemically delivered small molecules. Her work includes the establishment of high throughput and advanced screening tools for novel biomaterials based on high content analysis and tissue engineered 3D models to assess the molecular pharmaceutics and in vitro toxicity. Prof. Cryan’s work also includes delivery of therapeutic molecules and cell-based therapies within porous and gel-based scaffolds for regenerative medicine applications. Key areas of focus for this work are in orthopaedic, cardiovascular and respiratory tissue engineering.

The drug delivery platforms have been developed for application in tuberculosis, cystic fibrosis and acute lung injury, inflammatory disease and cancer as well as in regenerative medicine including respiratory, orthopaedic and cardiovascular applications.

Prof. Cryan and her team have received a number of academic and professional awards for their work. Prof. Cryan herself was awarded the Fulbright Scholarship in Science & technology (Medicine) in 2003 and the Professional Excellence Award at the Helix Health Pharmacy Awards (2014).

She is currently Research lead for the School of Pharmacy, RCSI and as a registered pharmacist is a Member of the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland (PSI) and the Pharmacists in Industry, Education & Regulation network (PIER).

Prof. Cryan has filed a number of patent applications and has over 120 publications/presentations in peer-reviewed and professional journals as well as academic, industrial and clinical conferences. She works extensively with the pharmaceutical and medical device industry in the areas of drug product development and pharmaceutical technology. This has included both contract research and joint research programmes.

Prof. Cryan is currently a peer reviewer for 18 pharmaceutical, biomaterials and drug delivery journals and regularly reviews for international research funding agencies. She is a partner in two currently funded EU grants. She has organised and/or chaired a number of international conference symposia has been a member of Scientific Advisory and Editorials Boards.

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