Eddie Myers

Eddie Myers


Dr Eddie Myers is a lecturer in organic chemistry at NUI Galway. His research interests include the development of new methods for forming carbon–nitrogen bonds and small-molecule chemical tools for addressing problems associated with the extracellular matrix.

Current research activities include the construction of a unified mechanistic picture of glycation-induced crosslinking of protein by using a combination of NMR and modern mass spectrometry techniques (in collaboration with Prof. Olivier Thomas). For applications in tissue engineering, we are developing new methods for generating multiresidue-repeat sequences of amino acids of well-defined length and methods that will allow the photoinduced cross-linking of soluble protein building blocks for preparing elastin-like material. In the area of synthetic organic chemistry, we are developing conceptually new catalytic transformations of azides and investigating new organoboron species as catalysts for the condensation of carboxylic acids and amines.

Dr Myers is a co-author on over 20 peer-reviewed publications on natural product synthesis and on the development of new synthetic methods based on organoboron, organosulfur, and organophosphorus reagents.  He holds two patents on chemical synthesis, the technology being currently licensed to three companies.

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