Gerard Wall

Gerard Wall


Gerard Wall is a Personal Professor in Microbiology. His research expertise lies in using recombinant proteins in antibody engineering, biomaterials functionalisation and drug delivery.

Professor Wall expresses diverse mammalian proteins in recombinant platforms including bacteria, yeast and cell-free. A major focus has been the isolation and exploitation of cell-specific antibody fragments for targeted drug delivery and for surface coating of materials. He has also developed approaches for recombinant glycoprotein production and for optimised immobilisation of proteins on solid supports for sensor applications. 

Professor Wall has developed antibodies for cardiovascular (stent functionalisation) and musculoskeletal (drug delivery) applications to date. A lung targeting project is also underway.

Professor Wall has published 45 peer reviewed papers. He has established a novel, patented method to improve the expression of recombinant proteins in E. coli, as well as complementary P. pastoris and cell-free systems for difficult-to-express proteins.

Professor Wall was awarded a Fulbright Scholar Award in 2015. He is a member of the editorial board for a number of journals and is a grant reviewer for multiple funding agencies. He coordinates an EU Consortium on using antibodies to functionalise cardiovascular stents.

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