Gerhard Schlosser

Gerhard Schlosser


Dr Gerhard Schlosser is a lecturer at the School of Natural Sciences and member of the Regenerative Medicine Institute (REMEDI) at NUI Galway. His research focuses on the development and evolution of vertebrate nervous and sensory systems.

Dr Schlosser has conducted fundamental studies on the early development of vertebrate cranial sense organs using mostly the clawed toad Xenopus as a model organism. After describing and fate mapping the early stages of cranial sensory development, his lab has made important contributions to our understanding of the sensory specification and sensory neurogenesis as well as the evolution of sensory development.

Additional research interests concerning the development of the Xenopus brain and spinal cord have recently led to joint research projects with Prof. Pandit's lab at CÚRAM on transcriptomic, proteomic and glycomic changes during vertebrate spinal cord regeneration.  Insights obtained in these basic studies have implications for our understanding of sensory deficits and of paraplegia due to spinal cord injury in human patients and will help to design new therapies for these debilitating diseases.

Dr Schlosser is a former recipient of the prestigious Heisenberg Fellowship of the German Science Foundation and of fellowships of the Hanse Institute for Advanced Study (Delmenhorst, Germany) and the Konrad Lorenz Institute (Altenberg, Austria). He was an executive committee member of the European Society for Evolutionary Developmental Biology and is a member of numerous other scientific societies.

Dr Schlosser has published 44 papers in peer-reviewed journals and edited three books (h-factor: 26). As an internationally leading expert in early sensory development and evolution, he is regularly invited as a speaker at seminars or international conferences (59 invited talks).  Dr Schlosser is Editorial Board member of Developmental Biology and Scientific Reports. He has organized several symposia and international conferences and was guest editor for 3 special issues in Developmental Biology and Journal of Experimental Zoology B (Molecular and developmental evolution). He serves as a regular reviewer for several grant agencies and has refereed papers for more than 40 journals.