John Newell

John Newell


Professor Newell is a Professor of Biostatistics and Head of Statistics in the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Applied Mathematics NUIG and an Adjunct Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand. He was the head of the Biostatistics Unit in the HRB Clinical Research Facility, NUI Galway from 2007 to 2017.

Prof. Newell's primary areas of research in Biostatistics are in the theory and application of statistical methods in clinical trials of health service and population health interventions and in the development of novel analytic approaches in Sports and Exercise Science.  His research interests include statistical modelling, statistical computing, design and analysis of medical device trials, cluster randomised trials, smoothing techniques and derivative estimation, survival analysis, tree-based classification problems and sports analytics.

Prof. Newell  has a strong publication record in the development and application of biostatistical theory in clinical trials, observational clinical research, Sports and Exercise Science and in the emerging field of Translational Statistics.

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