Leo Quinlan

Leo Quinlan


Dr Leo Quinlan is a Lecturer in Human Physiology at NUI Galway. His research involves integrating cellular signalling, electrophysiology and clinical models in designing medical devices for the treatment and monitoring of chronic disease.

Dr Quinlan is involved in developing a range of wearable sensing and interventional devices for clinical and consumer off the shelf applications. These devices are designed based on the principles of human centred design with excellent usability characteristics meeting the unique demands of the primary end user.

Examples of current projects for specific clinical targets include neurological disease (Parkinson’s), musculoskeletal (osteoarthritis), urological disease (cystitis) and cardiovascular (DVT and syncope). Numerous other targets are also under development.

Dr Quinlan has published more than 30 papers in peer-reviewed journals and filed numerous patent applications.

Dr Quinlan is a reviewer for over 30 peer-reviewed international journals.

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