Manus Biggs

Manus Biggs


Dr Manus Biggs is lecturer within the department of Biomedical Engineering at NUI Galway. His research interests focus on nanofabrication of electrically active biomaterials, the brain-machine interface, bioelectronics and cellular electromechanics. His research integrates material science, electronic engineering, top-down nanofabrication techniques and biological functionalization strategies in developing next generation biomaterials platforms.

Dr Biggs has developed electron-beam lithography fabricated materials to modulate cellular adhesion and function. Specifically these materials have been employed to regulate osteointegration of polymeric implants. Currently Dr Biggs is applying nanofabrication techniques to novel classes of electrically conducting polymers to enhance integration of implanted neuroelectrodes or promote functionality of the brain-computer interface.

He has developed tuneable electrically active scaffolds for bone and tendon regeneration through piezoelectric polymers and nanocomposites. Further, these materials have been employed to study fundamental cellular process and the mechanistic processes of regeneration. These platforms have been developed for neural and musculoskeletal clinical targets with cardiac targets currently under development.   

Dr Biggs has been awarded the President’s Award for Research Excellence, the UK Society for Biomaterials Larry Hench prize for outstanding contributions to the field of Biomaterials, the Society for Experimental Biology Young Scientist Award.  Dr Biggs has published more than 60 papers in peer-reviewed journals and filed two patent applications. Dr Biggs serves as an Editorial Board Member for three peer-reviewed journals and is active in European grant review. He is also a member of the European Society for Biomaterials International Advisory Committee and will host a focused symposium on bioelectronics at the upcoming Annual European Society for Biomaterials meeting  in Maastricht.

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