Martin O'Donnell

Martin O'Donnell


Martin O’Donnell is Professor of Translational Medicine at NUI Galway and Associate Director of the Clinical Research Facility, Galway. His main areas of research interests are clinical trials in vascular medicine and stroke epidemiology.

Professor O’Donnell is Principal Investigator of an international case-control study of stroke, INTERSTROKE. The overall purpose of INTERSTROKE is to learn about the role of known risk factors (e.g. blood pressure) and emerging risk factors (e.g. genetics) for stroke in different regions of the world and ethnic groups. The project compares risk factors in people with stroke (Cases) to people without stroke (Controls) in a large, international Case-control study that will include approximately 24,000 cases and controls from more than 30 countries. INTERSTROKE will have enormous implications for understanding the causes of stroke worldwide. It will also provide key information to help guide population health initiatives aimed at preventing stroke in low and high-income countries.

Professor O’Donnell was also the Principal Investigator of VENOPTS trial, which evaluated venous-return assist device of treat severe post-thrombotic syndrome.

Professor O’Donnell’s research focuses on developing treatments for vascular medicine and stroke epidemiology.

Professor O’Donnell was the recipient of the Clinical Trials Mentor-Mentee Award from the Canadian Institutes for Health Research. He was also awarded a European Research Council Starting Grant for his research on the relationship between different levels of sodium intake and physiological markers of cardiovascular health.

Professor O’Donnell has published over 95 peer reviewed papers and. His research group provides a full spectrum of support to the local SME device community having coordinated ten clinical trials.

Professor O’Donnell serves as a referee for 16 journals and is a grant review for five agencies. He is also a member of the Stroke Advisory Council at the Royal College of Physicians Ireland and WHO Global Burden of Disease.

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