Radka Fahey

Radka Fahey


Radka Fahey (Saldova) is a Starting Investigator heading GlycoScience group in The National Institute for Bioprocessing Research & Training (NIBRT). Her research focus is in Glycobiology.

Dr Fahey (Saldova)’s main area of expertise is Glycobiology. She focuses on development and utilisation of technologies for glycan analyses, including automated high-throughput glycan analysis as well as detailed glycan characterization.

She also focuses on the role of system biology in regulation of glycosylation in health and disease (disorders of glycosylation, cancer and chronic inflammatory diseases). She has been looking at “Epigenetic regulation of glycosylation and the impact on chemoresistance in cancer” (SFI-SIRG) which follows on from novel published findings demonstrating that changes in DNA methylation in ovarian cancer cells are concomitant with significant alterations in the expression of key enzymes that form part of glycosylation. Epigenetic alterations, tumour hypoxia and glycosylation are integral aspects of carcinogenesis. Determining the mechanism of epigenetic regulation of glycosylation and the link with hypoxia and drug resistance will help to improve the treatment of cancer patients by evaluating drugs in clinical trials (5-AZA-dC).

Glycoanalytics can be used for clinical marker discovery and for better design of biomaterials in regenerative medicine.

Dr Fahey (Saldova) was appointed as a Scientific Board member on EU funded ITN A4B (in October 2017).

Dr Fahey (Saldova) has published 52 papers in peer-reviewed journals and has currently 2 published patents.

Dr Fahey (Saldova) was appointed as Adjunct Research Fellow in UCD School of Medicine (September 2017). She is a member of cancer Epigenetic Society from October 2016. She has got funding from SFI, EU as well as direct collaborative funding.

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