Ted Vaughan

Ted Vaughan


Dr. Ted Vaughan is a Lecturer in Biomedical Engineering at NUI Galway. His research involves the development of novel computational modelling techniques that seek to provide a better understanding of orthopaedic, cardiovascular and ocular tissue biomechanics.

Dr. Ted Vaughan has developed a range of integrated multiscale and multiphysics computational modelling techniques that provide detailed predictions of tissue biomechanics and biomaterial responses across a range of different length scales. These approaches are primarily finite element-based and have been used to characterise fundamental aspects of bone biomechanics, in particular how composition and architecture of the tissue at the nanostructural-level (e.g. mineral and collagen fraction/arrangement) contribute to organ-level mechanical properties.

These modelling approaches are currently been used to inform the development of composite-based biodegradable materials for implant applications, whereby component phases are represented discretely to optimise both mechanical and degradation performance of the next generation of implantable materials.

These advanced predictive models are being used to inform and optimise the design of medical devices for a range of orthopaedic, cardiovascular and ocular implant applications.

Dr. Vaughan is also a Principal Investigator in the Biomechanics Research Centre and in the Irish Centre for Composite Materials (iComp). Dr. Vaughan has received numerous awards during his academic career, including Best Paper Award at the Sir Bernard Crossland Symposium (2009), Material and Surface Science Institute Postgraduate Award (2010) and Best Presentation Award in the Mature Researcher Category at the Annual Bioengineering in Ireland Conference (2012).

Dr. Ted Vaughan has published approximately thirty peer-reviewed journal articles in internationally respected journals in the fields of multiscale modelling, computational biomechanics and medical device design. One of these articles is listed as one of the Top-10 most cited articles published in Composites Science and Technology (the leading journal in the field of composite materials) over the past five-years.

Dr Vaughan acts as a reviewer for many peer-reviewed international journals. He  actively collaborates with a range of Industry partners.