Yury Rochev

Yury Rochev


Dr Yury Rochev is a lecturer in biomaterials  in the School of Physics at NUI Galway and visiting fellow of Institute for Regenerative Medicine,  Sechenov University, Moscow, Russia.

Dr Yury Rochev obtained an honors Master of Science degree in Physics  at Moscow State University, Biophysical Department, Russia. In 1990 he was awarded a Doctorate in Biophysics from the Institute of Biological Physics, the Soviet Academy of Science, at Pushchino, Moscow Region.

 Dr. Yury Rochev's current research interests include (1) design and development of smart stimulus-responsive biomaterials for tissue engineering and drug delivery;(2) characterization of biomaterials and medical devices at the nano- and micro-scale level; (3) cell-biomaterial interactions, fundamental aspects of biocompatibility.

As an internationally leading expert in thermoresponsive biomaterials, Dr Rochev  is regularly invited as a speaker at  international conferences, workshops and seminars.

Dr Yury Rochev  has authored over 100 peer reviewed publications with 3 patents awarded, 3 patent applications and 2 invention disclosures filed.  Dr Rochev is involved in a number of industrial research collaborations. To date, Dr Rochev has supervised 16   PhD students. He is a regular reviewer for over 15 high-rank international journals and for international funding agencies.