Location: Seminar Room, Biomedical Sciences Building, Newcastle Road, NUI Galway

Oct 25 2017

Dr Millman received his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering studying the effects of controlled oxygen exposure on stem cell differentiation at MIT with Dr Clark Colton in 2011. He completed his postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard University with Dr Douglas Melton developing methods to generate functional pancreatic insulin-producing β cells from human stem cells. In 2015, Dr. Millman joined the Department of Medicine faculty at Washington University in St. Louis, US.

The Millman laboratory focuses on the in vitro production of pancreatic insulin-producing β cells for use in cellular replacement therapy and drug screening. Dr Millman, with colleagues at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute, developed a protocol for generating these cells, shown to reverse hyperglycemia in diabetic mice, in highly scalable cultures. Recently, his group generated β cells derived from patients with Type 1 diabetes for use in cell replacement therapy and disease modelling. 

The title of Dr Millman's talk is "Stem Cell Engineering to Produce Insulin-Secreting Cells and Tissues"

Hosted by: Prof. Garry Duffy

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