Location: Beaumont Hospital, Dublin

Jun 08 2018

BCNI is a national clinical research network that benefits blood cancer patients in Ireland. BCNI  offers early-stage clinical trials to blood cancer patients, offering the opportunity to test new, potentially life-saving treatments and drugs. BCNI is also establishing a biobank and blood cancer registry, which will further our knowledge and expertise in the field of blood cancer research and ultimately improve patient outcomes. BCNI is funded by the Irish Cancer Society and Science Foundation Ireland.

If you are interested in submitting a symposium proposal, please complete the proposal form and submit it to sinead@sineadcassidy.com by the 4th May 2018. Chair(s) of successful symposium proposals will be notified by email by November 2017.

For full details, please visit website 

If you have any questions regarding Blood Cancer Network Ireland Symposium, please contact sinead@sineadcassidy.com

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