Location: Zoom

Oct 14 2020

Dr. Maoz is an internationally recognized expert in Organs-on-a-Chip. One of his most recent achievements in the field include the identification of new physiology in the brain by decoupling the neurovascular unit using Organs-on-a-Chip (accepted in Nat. Biotech.). In addition, he developed and created the first Organ-on-a-Chip which enables in situ measurements of both cell permeability and electrophysiology (Lab Chip, 2017), and he was able to create a Brain-on-a-Chip model which enables to interconnect three brain regions (J. Neurophysiology, 2016). In his latest work, currently under revision in Nature, Maoz et al. were able to connect 10 different Human-Chips, and to use it for drug testing. This work demonstrates, for the first time, the feasibility of using microfluidic systems to emulate clinical trials. 

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