Location: Seminar Room, Biomedical Sciences

Oct 10 2022

Novel Optical Biosensors with Integrated Sample Manipulation
Dr Ruchi Gupta, University of Birmingham

11.00, Monday, 10th October 2022- Seminar Room, Biomedical Sciences
Hosted by: Dr Patricia Scully

Dr Ruchi Gupta is an Associate Professor and Global Engagement Lead in the School of Chemistry, University of Birmingham. Dr Gupta’s area of expertise is sensors, microfluidics, and analytical platforms. Dr Gupta is a recipient of RSC’s 2021 Joseph Black Award. She has received grants from Cancer Research UK, Leverhulme Trust, Research Councils UK, Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), and industry. Dr Gupta is the Founder and Chair of IUPAC’s Early- to Mid-Career Analytical Scientists subcommittee. She is a member of RSC’s Analytical Division Council, permanent steering committee member of the Europtrode conferences,
and Associate Editor of RSC Advances. Dr Gupta’s research vision is to develop self-contained platforms with applications in clinical diagnostics, food testing, and environmental monitoring.
These self-contained platforms must have capabilities to sense/measure and manipulate samples. She has been studying the effect of materials on shaping of light beams to design optical biosensors where interaction between light beams and analytes to be measured is maximised. The research in Dr Gupta’s group relies on tools and concepts from Chemistry, Physics, and Engineering.
In this presentation, Dr Gupta will discuss the work done in her group on a type of optical biosensors called leaky waveguides (LWs). She will discuss their applications for measurement of ferritin and its average iron content, which can be used for early identification of high-risk trauma patients.


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