Feb 28 2024 Posted: 09:00 GMT

A new initiative at the University of Galway has been awarded funding from Science Foundation Ireland's (SFI) Discover Programme to develop a compelling series of short empathy experiences aimed at fostering a deeper understanding of the lived experience of diabetes.

The 'Empathy Detectives' project is a collaborative effort involving key partners, including CÚRAM, the SFI Research Centre for Medical Devices, Ideas Lab and the PPI Ignite Network at University of Galway. The project also features the invaluable contribution of patient representative Cameron Keighron, a dedicated member of the D1 Now Young Adult Panel.

At the heart of the project's success is the active involvement of patients, researchers, and clinicians in the design of these empathy experiences, resulting in the development of innovative mobile 'empathy kits.' These kits will be accessible to the public at the Galway City Museum, integrated into CÚRAM's new public exhibit 'SUPERHUMAN.'

The Empathy Detectives project extends its reach to Junior Cycle students through tailored workshops that seamlessly incorporate empathy experiences. Participants will engage in design thinking exercises, fostering creative ideas and solutions for living with diabetes. These initiatives align with the overarching goal of the project: to create meaningful educational resources that promote empathy and innovation. Importantly, these resources will directly correlate with the Junior Cycle curriculum, offering a unique and impactful approach to education.

“We are delighted to receive funding for this project, which exemplifies our commitment to partnering with patients and innovation within educational contexts," said Prof Abhay Pandit, CÚRAM’s Centre Director. "By combining the power of empathy, and design thinking, we aim to not only increase understanding of diabetes but also inspire creative solutions for those living with this condition."

The 'Empathy Detectives' project represents a significant step forward in bridging the gap between medical devices research, patient experiences, and public awareness. Through collaboration and a multidisciplinary approach, the project aspires to create a lasting impact on how diabetes is understood and addressed in our communities.

CÚRAM and IdeasLab Application Form: STE(A)M Workshop Series 

Oide Creativity, in collaboration with 11 Education Outreach Partners, presents the STE(A)M Workshop Series Spring 2023. These elective workshops, open to all teachers, aim to connect classroom learning to real-world contexts and explore interdisciplinary responses to societal challenges. 

STE(A)M Workshop Series Information:  

In-person workshop: CÚRAM and IdeasLab: Engaging with Empathy, Saturday 20th April 10:30 - 15:30 IdeasLab, the Concourse, University of Galway and Galway City Museum. 

CÚRAM and IdeasLab: Engaging with Empathy 

Engage in design thinking exercises to generate creative ideas and solutions for treating health conditions. Encounter empathy experiences in our unique Empathy Studio. Enjoy a guided tour of CÚRAM’s new public exhibit ‘Superhuman’  

To apply register for the workshop: https://forms.gle/KUNZG55m36ho7Fax9




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