Apr 26 2022 Posted: 08:00 IST

CÚRAM researchers will participate in a Clean Coasts beach clean this Saturday, April 30th, in partnership with Galway Atlantaquaria, National Aquarium of Ireland. Members of the public are invited to meet on Grattan Beach at 11.30. Aside from helping clean the coast, participants will have the opportunity to speak to our research scientists about their work.

CÚRAM, the SFI Research Centre for Medical Devices, is developing the next-generation of medical devices. The Centre is focused on the development of medical implants, therapeutic and diagnostic devices that address the needs of patients living with chronic illness.

Dr Sarah Gundy, who is organising the event, says: “Public engagement of science is central to CÚRAM’s programme, so this beach clean provides a unique opportunity for our researchers to speak with people about their work in an informal environment.”

Last year CÚRAM launched a new public exhibition showcasing how marine resources can aid medical device research.

The ‘Marine Meets MedTech’ exhibit at Galway Atlantaquaria, the National Aquarium of Ireland, shows how scientists are studying sponge slime to fight cancer and harmful microbes, using algae for controlled release of medicine, and mimicking barnacle glue to create surgical glue.

Visitors can browse information panels, tanks and models of marine resources that are used in medical device research.

To find out more contact Dr Sarah Gundy at sarah.gundy@nuigalway.ie


Set up in 2015, CÚRAM is now a world-leading Irish Medical Device R&D Centre based out of NUI Galway. While led by the National University of Ireland Galway, CÚRAM’s partner institutes include University College Dublin, University College Cork, Trinity College Dublin, University of Limerick, Royal College of Surgeons Ireland, Dublin City University, Technological University of the Shannon and National Institute Bioprocessing Research and Training. The Centre is focused on developing medical implants, therapeutic and diagnostic devices that address the needs of patients living with chronic illness. They also partner with local small-and-medium enterprises (SMEs) and multinational medical device and pharmaceutical companies to increase employment in Ireland.

The Centre has seen numerous scientific breakthroughs as researchers focus on improving the quality of life for patients living with long-term chronic conditions such as diabetes, back pain, cardiovascular disease and stroke. Our researchers focus on engineering approaches for repair and remodelling, improved drug delivery solutions and superior medical implant designs to treat chronic diseases. CÚRAM was created because of the need for clinicians, industry, and researchers to collaborate in developing medical devices that will create jobs and establish a global hub for MedTech.


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