Science-Primary School Resources


Healing the Heart for Primary Schools-Students learn basic heart anatomy, how a heart attack occurs due to the blockage of a coronary artery, and how to keep their hearts healthy. Students construct a large diagram of the heart which is used to play “Heart Twister”.


Heart Primary Lesson Plan Booklet

Heart Primary Presentation

Mending the Musculoskeletal System for Primary Schools-Students learn about bones, muscles, and tendons, and how doctors currently treat damage to these tissues. Students construct a model hand and act as surgeons to fix a tendon using a Biomedical Engineering Kit.


Musculoskeletal Primary Lesson Plan Booklet

Musculoskeletal Primary Presentation

Fixing the Brain for Primary Schools-Students learn how nerves send and receive messages, and the causes of Parkinson’s disease. Students build medical devices to treat Parkinson’s disease and test the devices on jelly “brains”.


Brain Primary Lesson Plan Booklet

Brain Primary Presentation

Exploring Stem Cells for Primary Schools-Students learn about how stem cells are used by animals to heal their bodies. Students build model animals using cells made from playdough, and fix their injured animals by using playdough stem cells or building prosthetic devices.


Stem Cells Primary Lesson Plan Booklet

Stem Cells Primary Presentation

Biomaterials for Primary Schools-Students learn about medical devices, and natural and synthetic sources of biomaterials. Students make their own biomaterials (slime!) to fix soft tissues

Biomaterials Primary Lesson Plan Booklet

Biomaterials Primary Presentation