RespiceSME will develop new approaches for analysing value chains in close collaboration with clusters and national platforms. Empowering photonics SMEs and cluster managers to undertake early stage analyses of value chains, in the 3 separate domains of commercial intensity, technology readiness and innovative potential, will lead to more effective penetration by European photonics SMEs in global non-photonics sectors. Approaches will be demonstrated by new business collaborations in photonics, and using photonics, in manufacturing, energy and transport sectors. Harnessing the full innovative capacity of the European photonics infrastructure is the objective of the 3rd RespiceSME dimension. Best practices for enabling photonics SMEs access European and regional infrastructures, harness educational and training programmes aligned with their specific needs, determine next generation regional innovative smart specialisation strategies, and be better resourced by efficient public and private financial supports, can be transformative. RespiceSME will disseminate results using face to face and multimedia tools. 6 events, spanning cluster/national platform, inter-sectoral meetings, and B2B brokerage events and multimedia tools will lead to an intensification of research collaborations.


Steinbeis 2I GMBH (Coordinator), Opticsvalley-Au Service De L Optique De L Electronique Et De L Ingenierie Logicielle En Ile-De-France, Foundation For Research And Technology Hellas, Optecnet Deutschland EV,  Ekonomiska Foreningen Photonicsweden, Photonics Austria, Southern European Cluster In Photonics & Optics Association, NUI Galway, Viesoji Istaiga Fizikos Instituto Mokslo Ir Technologiju Parkas, Knowledge Transfer Network LTD.

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