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MedTrain+ Call 2 Advertisement 2024

Guide for Applicants

MedTrain+ Guide for Applicants Call 2 (24.01)

MedTrain+ List of FIs for Applicants Call 2

MedTrain+ Call 2 Quick Guide for Applicants

The Guide for Applicants to Call 2 of the MedTrain+ Fellowship programme can be downloaded above. This guide provides an overview of the programme and practical guidance for potential applicants, including details of the;

  • programme, fellowships, and calls
  • eligibility criteria
  • evaluation criteria and selection process
  • contact details
  • application templates
  • Please find below the call document (advertisement), outline of the application and selection process, redress procedure and redress request form.


Application and Selection Process


Publication of the Fellowship Call

The application process starts with the publication of the call for proposals. Call 1 opened on 31 Mar 2023 & closed on 14th August 2023. Call 2 opened in 20th November 2023.

Preparation of the Application

Applicants are encouraged to start the process of preparing their application as early as possible. The first step is to identify the research area you are interested in in the 'Research Areas' section of the MedTrain+ website. The list of Principal investigators is available on the MedTrain+ website, apply section with the heading MedTrain+ List of FI for Applicants Call 2. During the application stage, the MedTrain+ Programme Manager can help you to identify an appropriate supervisor, if the candidate is having difficulty to find supervisor. The secondment organisation should be discussed with supervisor in the non-academic sector (Industry).

The online application system requires the input of personal details, project title, summary and keywords, proposed secondment host and supervisor, completion of an ethics questionnaire and applicant declarations (online forms). Applicants are also required to upload the following pdf documents:

The application process should include an Online application + Administrative Proposal: Max 1000 words: Part A plus Ethics Self-assessment form (including Max 2 Pages) + Part B (Research Proposal) + Academic CV (Max 5 pages with 3 references)

  • Part A: Administrative Proposal: Max 1000 words: Part A plus Ethics Self-assessment form (including Max 2 Pages)
  • Part B: The applicant needs to adjust the number of pages, i.e., Max. 10 pages.
  • Academic CV: Max 5 pages (With 3 references).

Please refer to the templates in the Guide for Applicants for Part A & Part B format is available.

Submission of the Application

Applications must be submitted via the online application system on or before the call deadline (26th February 2024). In order to submit an application, all applicants need to register in the system. Each applicant will receive individual login details. Once registered, applicants can submit relevant information to the system, which will be stored there until they submit the application or decide to make changes to information recorded earlier. The online application system will automatically close at midnight Irish time on the submission date.

Assistance with any technical difficulties is available at (online application system) or from the MedTrain+ Programme Manager:  

Eligibility Checking

Once the online application system is closed, all applications will be checked for eligibility. All applicants will be informed of the results of Preliminary eligibility checking. If an application is found to be ineligible, applicants will be provided with an explanation of the grounds for ineligibility.

Ethics Checking

All eligible proposals in which ethics issues are raised will undergo ethics review. If you answer yes to any of the ethics questions in your online application, you must include an ethics self-assessment in your proposal. Please refer to the Guide for Applicants for further information on ethics checking.

International Peer-Review

Each eligible application will undergo external international peer-review. Three independent experts (Peer Review Panel) will evaluate each proposal in line with the evaluation criteria described in the Guide for Applicants.

Ranking of Applications

Applicants will be ranked on the basis of their scores from international peer-review.  The weighted score will be subject to a threshold of 70%.

Interviews of Top Scoring Candidates

A number of top scoring candidates will be invited to the next phase, a competency interview by an Interview Panel. The final mark for each candidate will be comprised of the score for the research proposal (50% weighting) and the interview (50% weighting).

Final Funding Decision

The MedTrain+ Steering Committee will endorse the final funding decision based on the recommendations of the Peer-Review Panel and Interview Panel.

Fellowship Offers to Successful Candidates

The MedTrain+ Programme Manager will inform successful candidates, after which Human Resources will issue formal letters of offer based on the final funding decision of the Steering Committee. 

Redress Procedure

All candidates have a right to a redress procedure if they feel that there has been a shortcoming in the way their proposal was evaluated and that this shortcoming may affect the final decision on whether to fund it or not, or if they believe that the results of the eligibility checks are incorrect. To avail of that procedure the applicant needs to submit a request for redress within 15 calendar days of receiving feedback of the eligibility check or proposal evaluation. Requests must be sent by email to   using the redress form available above. Redress requests will be examined by a Redress Committee. Please see the Redress Request Form or Guide for Applicants for further details.

Redress Form