Areas of Expertise


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Biomaterials and Drug Delivery

Controlled delivery of therapeutic molecules to injured tissue remains one of the greatest challenges facing the translation of novel drug therapeutics. These developed chemistries are being processed for clinical application and integration into medical devices to provide selective, delivery strategies for drugs. CÚRAM’s expertise in the application of biomaterials to disease targets extends from target identification and lead optimisation, formulation design, physicochemical characterisation, toxicity testing, bioavailability to efficacy in preclinical models.

MedTech AI, Machine Learning, Medical Imaging and Soft Robotics

Machine learning is becoming an invaluable tool for medical device research given its ability to enhance the speed and accuracy of computational models, big data management and high-performance computing so they are available to researchers and clinicians to enable better predications in real time for more accurate results and diagnostics. Radical new techniques such as soft robotics are beginning to be used to created bio-inspired designs for devices with implications for a range of medical applications.

Immuno Engineering

Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine is a key area of research at CÚRAM with a goal of finding solutions to chronic health problems and conditions of unmet medical need. Scientific advances in stem cells, gene therapy, biomaterials, medical device technology, growth and differentiation factors, and biomimetic environments have created unique opportunities to fabricate tissues in the laboratory from combinations of engineered extracellular matrices ("scaffolds"), cells, and biologically active molecules. With a focus on biomimetics and regenerative medicine, CÚRAM is developing innovative approaches, assays and tools for comprehensive and accurate analysis of complex biological systems and their interaction with medical devices and associated therapeutics. 

Education and Public Engagement (EPE) and Science Advocacy Programmes

CÚRAM’s renowned EPE programme is internationally recognised with the goal to forge collaborations between CÚRAM’s researchers and the community and thus has engagement and science communication at its core. New programmes include evaluating exhibit content that showcases CÚRAM as a learning and engagement tool to help public audiences understand the relevance of this research in their own lives. Further work includes evaluation production and process inputs to create legacy resources, including documentaries and animations that will enhance public engagement. Our recent Science Advocacy programme aims to actively engage and inform policy audiences to create impact in the policymaking process.