Professor Abhay Pandit

Professor Abhay Pandit

Scientific Director of CÚRAM; Professor of Biomaterials
NUI Galway

biomaterials; drug delivery; gene delivery; bioengineering

The focus of our research is to integrate material science and biological paradigms in developing solutions for chronic disease. We are developing the next generation of reservoir delivery vehicles that have high payload capacity, programmable degradation profiles and inbuilt gradients of physical, chemotropic and protective cues which facilitate spatiotemporal localised sustained delivery of multiple biomolecules to target injury mechanisms at the molecular and cellular levels. These technologies are targeted towards tissue regeneration and repair for various clinical applications (i.e. spinal cord repair, myocardial infarction repair, intervertebral disk regeneration). 

Prof. Abhay Pandit has projects in the area of Medical Devices Research and Development as follows:

Functionalisation of Biomaterials 

Developing Research Methodology in Measuring Impact of Biomedical Science Communication

Research in Development of Roadmaps for Commercialization of Medical Devices

For detailed project descriptions, please see here: Prof Abhay Pandit - Call 3b Specific Targeted MedTrain Project Descriptions

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