Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are an essential component in creating medical devices that realise their full potential and ensuring the safety value of each new development. Without trials, research cannot be translated into economic, health or societal benefits. With the establishment of CÚRAM, Ireland’s clinical infrastructure is now moving forward using a wide range of specialist expertise to increase the number of clinical device trials carried out in Ireland.

Translation from a research setting to clinical application requires a high level of coordination and a variety of skill sets to ensure an efficient and cost-effective approach. A key role for CÚRAM is the coordination of device trials that each involve their own challenges and complexities. To manage this, CÚRAM works with Clinical Research Development Ireland and HRB Clinical Research Coordination Ireland which consists of five clinical research facilities with an extensive track record of early and late phase clinical trials for both industry and academic researchers. CÚRAM has links with the new hospital groups and academic partners, created by the Irish Government as part of a significant reform of the health services.

This platform positions CÚRAM as a centre of excellence for transforming conceptual and technological innovations into clinically validated, ready for market medical devices. CÚRAM also carries out education and training across academic, industry and clinical partners in the area of clinical trials in association with Molecular Medicine Ireland. Education and training is key to ensuring that this sector continues to grow and develop and that Ireland has the ability to meet future needs in medical device trials.